A Symmetry Mat is designed to correspond to your unique bodily phi measurement. The geometric pattern has 4 colored lines, allowing you to easily navigate the mats grid while simultaneously exercising and developing your minds memory.


Symmetrical Positioning

The Symmetry Mat will allow a person to precisely position their hands and feet evenly allowing exploration of symmetrically enhanced postures, movements, and exercise routines. Improve your practice and track your progress by stretching and training both the left and right side of your body evenly with the mind.


Utilizing The Phi (Golden) Ratio

Our mats were designed using the Golden Ratio. Commonly found in nature, it fosters organic and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and mind. Utilizing a perfect computer calculated grid allows a subconscious attraction to appear when performing movements and poses in your daily practices.


Custom to Your Body Size

In order to encompass a wide range of bodily phi measurements, we created 11 different sized mats that are all measured in 0.1 centimeter increments to aid in your unique physique. If you don’t know what size you are, please visit our measurement chart page and we’ll walk you through the simple process to accurately find your correct bodily phi measurement.


“Our Goal is to Aid and Facilite the Journey Towards Balance”

- Daniel A. Marquez (CEO & Founder)